WFC Executive committee notes

The trust has been invited and Peter Brown has agreed to sit on the club’s executive committee that meets each week. Where matters of interest are discussed Peter’s notes will appear here. This is a detailed report from the meeting of 21st November with items we have agreed with the club that we can share with our members.

1 Catering

Expressed our likings of the offerings, how good the food is and value, but the queues were far to long and no incentive to re queue for something extra. Stated how good The Legends Club is. (EDITOR: Raffle draw for 2 tickets in the Legends Club still available at £50. This enters you into draw for rest of the season).

2 The Watford Way

This is a principle, which is being embraced by the club, and they are looking at ways to enhance and improve it.

WST expressed concern and surprise of lack of youth in the team or consideration, particularly as the manager has been so involved in the system. Stated the Watford Way was focused on the youth, making them properties that can be sold, but if there is nothing in the window to be seen then there will be no big sales to keep the club going.

WST feel that the fans accepted results towards the end of last season as they could see young lads from our youth trying their best. Concern was expressed by WST as to the costs of the club still remaining stubbornly high in the ratio of salaries to income, and to use the Watford Way to bring these costs into line. This supports our core aim of sustainable business.

3 Stadium

The TV was replaced as it was costing a fortune in weekly repairs. The seats were replaced, as the plastic was breaking down and fans clothing was being stained.

WST expressed concerns that walkways were being used as conversation areas and that early leaving fans should be ushered out via the first exit. This was agreed and that this has to be sorted out.

The sound system is being fully installed but using an old amplifier at present. There is a new one he sound system will be set when all the speakers are installed (this week) and then balanced first in an empty ground and then when it has fans in the ground. The club believe that this will be a good medium to get info across about the club.

The club are also investigating the new TV and a new piece of gadgetry, which will help with the screen resolution and setting, readability and again to be used as a concise information media.

The club are as eager to get the South West corner done ASAP, and the pitch will definitely be re-laid next summer and if required will take rugby as well as football on a weekly basis. There is a type of insurance policy with the ground covering which can only be used up to 72 hours before a match, as then the grass will start to deteriorate rapidly. A company guarantee to come in and set the surface and the club do have the grass growing lights in the club premises.

It was asked if the club had on its business books a clock repairer to get at least one of the two clocks working. The one by the disabled area was gifted to the club and is always in need of repair.

The committee know that a lot is wrong in the stadium (including hand dryers, clocks, sound, TV) but they feel that to fix all these will be a bit like putting a finger in the hole of a dyke!

Asked why the family enclosure could not be moved to the old east stand, it can’t, as there are no toilets there at all!

4 Red Lion

Stated that whilst we would like to see it open and generating an income for the club, it must be a community asset as well as a club Pub, but not at the sacrifice of other more important things required within the club.

Finally from what was said and inferred it was a statement by Graham (Sterry) at the fans forum that instigated this invitation to address this executive committee and have a dialog with the club, as they need our input.