Breakthrough! The Trust meets Laurence Bassini at last

On December 13 we finally achieved what we have been striving for since March. Chair of the Trust John Fawell and Vice Chair Graham Sterry were finally granted a meeting with Watford football Club’s owner Laurence Bassini and Richard Walker WFC Head of Media and Communications. A full account of the meeting has been sent to all Trust members but if you missed it you can read the report here.

New Trust Chair appointed

At the Annual General meeting on 24 November John Fawell succeeded Graham Sterry as  chair of the Trust. Graham was thanked warmly by the meeting for his outstanding contribution over a long period of time. Full details of the new board (with profiles coming soon) can be found here.

A voice inside the football club at last

The new executive committee that runs Watford FC has invited the Trust to send a representative to their weekly meetings. Having a clearer understanding of decision making within the club and an ability to influence those decisions has been an aim of the trust since its inception. Peter Brown attends the meetings on the Trust’s behalf and his reports can be read here.

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