About us

The Watford Supporters trust was established in 2002 at a time of great crisis for the football club. The Trust’s simple aim is to continue to ensure that professional football is played in Watford at Vicarage Road. The trust is run by Watford fans for Watford fans and is currently one of the largest supporters trusts in the UK. An original Trust aim was to increase their representation in the club. This year it has happened – we now have a observer’s place on the club’s executive committee at another time of crisis.

Here are ten good reasons why you should join the Trust or renew your membership now.Œ 

At times of change and turmoil we the supporters need a common voice that can be heard.  WST is the only democratically constituted body that represents supporters and operates on a one member, one vote principal. If you want the chance to influence the strongest voice that supporters have you need to join us.

WST is in touch with people that matter. We talk regularly with club officials, politicians, the mayor, councillors and the media (both local and national). No other body has such a wide range of contacts.

WST has been invited and accepted a place on the new club Executive Committee, which has been
formed to help guide the day to day operation of the club. WST were specifically invited because of
our representation of a significant number of supporters and our unique position as a “critical friend”.

One of our aims is to support Watford as part of the community. WST has backed this by a substantial sponsorship of the BEST project to take WFC into schools, promoting sport and healthy lifestyle choices through engaging children with the club and it’s players. This project is being delivered by the award winning Watford FC Community Sports & Education Trust.

WST extends its members voice into a national arena through Supporters Direct. Recently we took part in a conference to discuss footballs direction and future with a number of politicians who are interested in helping the game.

Our opinion is sought by the club and by the media. We offer an opinion based on the long term good of the club in support of our aims, central to which is ensuring that we survive in a sustainable way.

As a Trust we provide a continuity regardless of who is running the club. So far we have maintained a dialogue with the club throughout our history. In this time we have never wavered from maintaining our position and providing an independent opinion.

We are ordinary supporters with no hidden agenda. Each member has one vote and each person is able to contribute to how we set Out to operate.

The WST is maintaining and continuing to build funds that are there to provide a basic platform if should times become extreme again. A great example of this type of situation was provided by the formation of supporter owned league teams such as AFC Wimbledon and Exeter City.

Together we are stronger. At it’s formation WST became one of the fastest growing and largest football trusts in the UK. Although numbers of active members may have reduced, we still represent a significant number of our supporters. With your support we can become even stronger.

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